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When you board our immaculate Outback Jet you are stepping on to a sophisticated and high-performance touring vehicle. The Outback Jet is capable of cruising at speeds of over 300 knots (560kmph) coupled with the ability to land on short, remote runways. This is your key to unrivaled accessibility to remote wilderness areas, cattle stations the size of small countries and the real outback Australia.

But what’s more, every seat is the window seat and we rotate the seating so everyone gets a different perspective. With the ability to fly high and over bad weather, we also operate as low as 500ft above the ground, or, ‘low and slow’ when over landmarks such as The Lost City, Uluru, Wineglass Bay and the list is endless. You even get the chance to sit up in the flight deck with your Captain to experience the flight as ‘co-pilot’.

The Outback Jet has a brand new leather interior which ranges from large executive chairs through to plush, fixed pitch seats all with super-comfy and hi-tech memory foam.



Air Adventure’s Outback Jet raises the bar when it comes to accessing remote Australia. This immaculate aircraft will significantly reduce the amount of time spent in the air, which means even more time exploring each destination.


  • Exceptional short-field capabilities allowing us to land where larger planes can’t

  • Ability to fly high and fast or low and slow

  • No more than 2 hours on any one flight

  • More efficient engines reduces carbon emissions


  • Twin turbine jet engine (prop jet)

  • State of the art Garmin avionics

  • All weather capable

  • Highly experienced, airline qualified captain


  • iPad on board for live flight progress data and destination information

  • Every seat is the window seat

  • Extra sound proofing for a quieter cabin

On board comfort:

  • Large, clear windows

  • Brand new, comfortable leather seats

  • Powerful air conditioning

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