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John Dyer's Story

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John was born in Hamilton in the Western District of Victoria, located between the mountainous Grampians and the wild Southern Ocean.

John, alongside his father Rod Dyer has been flying around in small aircraft since he was an infant. Clear memories are held fondly by John as he recalls the comprehensive survey of Cape York, now a very popular Air Adventure itinerary. “I have been extremely fortunate to have had Rod for a father and been given the opportunity to visit many parts of Australia that the majority never see.”

Today, Air Adventure is guided by the late Rod Dyer's son, John who is also a pilot and very passionate about creating high quality travel experiences spanning the entirety of the Australian continent. His team at Air Adventure share his enthusiasm and dedication to create unforgettable travel for their guests.

"I really do love my job! My time is spent flying all over the place; researching, planning and designing new air safari's as well as leading tours, which is still one of my favourite aspects of the role" 

John takes sincere pleasure to hear the stories of others. "I find great inspiration in others achievements; everyone has a story to tell.”

John has been the Managing Director of Air Adventure since 2006 and is an Official Ambassador for the outback through Outback Calling Ltd. a group dedicated to bridging the gap between city and country.

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